Skippyjon Jones says.....

Sep 13, 2012

"I'm a chihuahua".  Just joking.  No, really he does say that, but for this posts purpose, I'm joking.  :)

We have been using Skippyjon Jones this week to do our first painful retelling.  These books are so, so well written and the kids REALLY enjoy them.  (Secretly, so do I, my spanish accent is uh-mazing! That's my grandma's spanish blood coming out in me.)  I digress.  This week we've been using Skippyjon to teach us about writing workshop as well and help our firsties to work on their stamina because Skippy books are not short.  After our Interactive Read Aloud, we flow right into our shared writing which is a retelling.  Talk about needing to build STAMINA.  We only wrote one-two pages per day.  Green group, only one, barely handled.  Once our shared writing is over, we 've been heading back to our seats for a little minilesson where we continue with WBT by using "Mirror" and "Teach" "OK".  Love it.... still....forever.  We are also working on call backs. 
Two groups--- mostly great.  One. at the end of the day.  with NO stamina. whew.  Today we were able to sit for 2:48 with out talking or making a sound with those firsties.  That's two MINUTES and 48 SECONDS!!!  Our first attempt 5 seconds.  Second, 23.  Third, 25 seconds. So after 2:48, the sweet sounds of humming came a calling.  :)  While I L.O.V.E. a good song, especially a little Kids Bop  anything Skippy wasn't able to help our friends learn the rules of writing workshop.  I digress, yet again.  UGH. 
Back on track.  After our minilesson, we try to do a little writing.  Today was journal writing and then the lesson that, "Writers ALWAYS write."  They N.E.V.E.R. stop, unless they have use the restroom, or chat with a friend, or ask how to spell a word, or ask how to spell a word, or ask... OH MY were they asking me how to spell every word.  Ok... again... unfair.  Only one whole group and about 1/2 of the other.  It's so HARD for those little firsties to take risks, which is ok because that's my job and we're working on it.  So I encourage, encourage, encourage that I'm NOT grading their writing piece (on paper, but I am grading it in my mind all the time, aren't we all?).  After our writing time, we try to do a little sharing.  Must. Get. Better. At. This.  So here are a few pics of our week so far.

I used this Skippyjon Jones page topper from The Lesson Plan Diva. 
Finally, I made this chart tonight for use to use in our classroom as a reminder.  We're going to have to continually refer back to this classroom friend.  :)
What do you think????? I would love to know how your writing workshop runs!
Have a "Curious" Thursday!


  1. So true! Retelling can be such a challenge to teach/learn! Great ideas!!

    "Write" now in Writers Workshop with my firsties we are establishing norms on using our Writers Notebooks. Norms like new day = new page; starting at the left margin (attempting to); adding the date at the top; trying out a title for each entry.

    On Mondays the Daily Warm Up at arrival time is to write down your "Weekend News." Really an opportunity for them to record some of those zillion stories they're trying to share with me all at once. :) It will make a fun keepsake and record of progress at the end of the year, too.

    We will put entries in our WN after field trips, assemblies, etc. I take photos of kids with their buddies and during other activities and will occasionally print them wallet size for kids to glue in and write an entry about.

    Say - if you get a moment and want to check out my Thirty One Giveaway, please do. :)

    Growing Firsties

  2. I really enjoyed your post! I had a student write all about his cat's litter box misses today! He shared his writing and the rest of the class begged for copies!! I was hoping for something more hmmmm meaningful from fist grade writers. We'll just have to keep encouraging. I'm commenting while sitting in my new (over-priced!) shoes...My back doesn't hurt, my knees feel good and my toes aren't numb from being squished together all day like sardines in shoes that are gorgeous, but uncomfortable!! The Danskos are worth the price and they'll last longer than my usual fare!! Did you know you are a noreply-comment blogger? I don't remember how to change it, but it is nice to be able to respond to peoples comments via e-mail!
    Owl Things First!

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