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Oct 14, 2012

It's Sunday.... the Bengals lost, just like my Redlegs did on Friday.  Boo Hoo weekend for Cincinnati sports fans.  What do we do when we are stressed, lose games, etc...  EAT!  I begged and bribed asked nicely, no.... I bribed, I'm not ashamed, for my oldest to go up and rest her weary head.  A head that she said was NOT tired!  Her actions tell me otherwise.  Well, I bribed her with some good, old fashioned cheese popcorn.  NOT the kind you find in the store, homemade.  Well, not really homemade, but I had to put it in the popper, right?  Yes, the good old fashioned popcorn popper.

I used this pic because the one I took, shows the age of ours.  I borrowed it from my mom with all intentions of the good daughter I am to never return it, but it ended up living in my pantry.  :)  So we use it,  A LOT!
 I can't tell you how many of my little firsties no nothing of this world.  So sad.  :(  I remember my mom making GIANT bowls of popcorn for me and my six, yes... 6 siblings.  Obviously, not a lot of money, Friday night, Air Supply blasting, popcorn eating, all children DANCING in their jammies, SUPER FUN TIMES!  Oh how I miss those days.  :)

Well, my mom used to make us cheese popcorn.  It is the YUMMIEST thing I make.  I thought this would go along GREAT with "How to" writing for my firsties, so humor me.  :)

1. Gather supplies-- Popcorn Pumper, bowl (large if you're like me), popcorn kernels, margarine (or butter, whichever suits your fancy), bowl to melt butter, and cheese.  Not creamy cheese.  Special cheese.  Cheese from this box: 
This is the magical *secret* ingredient. 
2.  Plug in and turn on Pumper. 
3.  Pour kernels in the kernel holder at the top. 
4.  Dump kernels into Pumper.
5.  Put as much butter/margarine into microwaveable bowl.  I usually use about 4 tbs. and then microwave for about 27 or so seconds.  I've tried to perfect this as if it goes too long it pops and splatters everywhere, losing all that deliciousness.  :)  I also put a paper towel over the bowl to save my microwave and the precious minutes I would spend cleaning it. YUCK!
6.  Popcorn should be finished popping as soon as butter is finished (or really close).  I try to time this just right.
7.  Pour melted butter over popcorn and watch it shrivel. 
8.  Don't get too caught up on step 7 because you quickly need to shake as much as you'd like of the magical cheese over your buttered popcorn. 
9.  Mix it up with your hands.
10.  ENJOY!!!!  :)  

This *snack* is so yummy!  My mom used to wonder why we would have 3 boxes of Mac 'n Cheese with no cheese.  My secret is out!  :)  I can't wait to do this with my firsties!  It'll cover writing and science standards! 

I was "boo-ed" by two sweet bloggy friends.  :) 

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Here we go.
1.  Thanks to my sweet bloggy friend Jenny at Owl Things First for "boo-ing" me!  I was also "boo-ed" by Karen at An Apple a Day in First Grade.  So... Can I combine both?????   This is the bloggy world.  I think so!  :)
2.  Books I *LOVE*. 
Big Pumpkin  What Am I? Halloween! (What Am I/Who Am I)
Activities...  I just found these two today! 
3.  First, my OHIO bloggy friends!!!
Sara from Miss V's Busy Bees
Jenn from A Pirate's Life for Us!

Lisa from Growing Firsties
Terri from The First Grade Princess
Jen R. from The Teachers' Cauldron

Have fun friends!!!! 


I'll be back this week with finished writing samples!!! Yes.... some of my firsties are there!!!!!!!  


  1. Yummy popcorn! Thanks so much for linking up to the Boo-ed linky! Love your ideas!
    Tori's Teacher Tips

  2. Thanks for boo-ing me! I finally had some time to join in on the fun!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Boootiful post!!

  4. I just wanted to say...My five sibs and I would celebrate Friday nights with Mom and Dad and popcorn, too! We'd all split one bottle of Coke. Thanks for bringing back that memory!!


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