A Little Firstie RAKing!

Feb 10, 2013

My GREAT friend Erin over at Mrs. Beer's Language Arts Class and I have teamed up at our school to do 26 Random Acts of Kindness in 28 days.  This is tricky for my firsties because I've tried to choose things that are easily done here with the hopes they will try a few at home or outside of my classroom.  It's funny the difference in my classes.  My higher class has really gotten into this project and ask me to do certain RAKings.  They are really driving this project.  My other two classes.... well..... I'm still trying to get them on board.  They like doing it, but they are not as excited as my other firsties. 

So this week we........ RAKed teachers, lunch ladies, soldiers, parents, read to a child, and complimented someone new.  :)  Here's a few pics from our RAKing.

RAKing Teachers

This one was my favorite.  "Thank you for the challenging test.  You are awesome."  The challenging test is what gets me! Made.me.laugh. 1+2=3  So challenging! :)

We "sneaked" outside. to put the cards on teacher windshields.

My Curious Teammate and her hubby RAKed me by updating our free blog background to what you see now.  DO.YOU.LOVE.IT??????  I do!

Not sure who we will be RAKing this week, but I just wish the sickness monster would RAK someone else because I feel like we've gotten hit by a ton of bricks this year!  It's like... every.other.day. someone is sick in my house.  My youngest woke up with a fever AGAIN today.  (this happened the week before last, too)  Poor baby. She was not herself today.  So my hubby is taking the morning and I have to take the afternoon. 

Here's to a GREAT week!  :)  Who will you RAK this week?????

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