Some (much needed) Goals for the Year

Jul 31, 2013

School is coming up quickly.  Spent some time this morning going through the calendar to make sure I have daycare in "the know" of when the girls will start back, that I have a sitter for some upcoming PD, etc. etc.  I came to realize...I have very few "fun" days left with my girls.  It is time to head back in and get organized!  So I sat down to write a blog post about math and all the great posts I am reading about math and the materials I have made for my groups this year.  But realized...this post will need to happen on a different day.  Today I need to focus on my goals.  I'm linkin' up with  I {heart} Recess

Personal: A few posts back I explained that I have been working out with Gabbyand  There are 90 free workouts on their website (his and her versions).  So I have been doing this with my Ben (husband).  We completed workout 21 today.  To be honest...I am NOT a workout girl.  I never ever ever have been.  I don't like to sweat, or be in any type of pain.  But for some reason this workout is working for me.  I really want to stick with it.  I actually feel....good.

Organization:   My goal is to keep up with the housework throughout the week, instead of putting everything off until Saturday.  It really doesn't make for a fun weekend.

Planning: I want to make sure my planning really matches the instructional level of my students.  This may sound silly because....of course it should!!!  But I can sometimes get ahead of myself.  I want to make sure that the sight words I am teaching really match what they don't know yet and the story problems challenge them in just the right way.  I have created some assessments this summer that I think will help me meet this goal.

Professional: Every year I have a focus.  One year it was phonemic awareness, another year it was phonics taught through interactive Powerpoints.  But this is math groups and number sense.  I really want to work on that this year!!

Students: This goal is typically always the same for me.  I want our firsties to just love to come to school.  I want them to know they are loved and I want them to WANT to learn.  I do my best to help them feel this way.

Motto: "Be Kind to Yourself"  I find it very hard to balance everything in life.  Two girls, full time teacher, wife, sister, daughter, friend, exercise partner, blogger, TPT seller, maid, cook, and more.  I find myself getting upset because I don't feel I am giving enough of myself to someone or something.  My Ben always reminds me to be kind to myself.  So I think that is a good motto for me.

What are your goals?


  1. Em, good for you! I wish I could find (make) the time to work out consistently. I need to do it, and really want to, but I always find other things to do instead. I love your motto!!!! I need to remind myself to do that too! I beat myself up way to often for things that are not necessary. Thanks so much for sharing, it's nice to know other women out there feel the same way about a lot of things!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Your post really resonated with me. From the very beginning where you said you were getting the daycare in line.....I have a 10-week old newborn so daycare will be something new for me. I think it will be very hard and I've really enjoyed having a long summer with her. Long because my school gets out on July 19 for summer but I went out on memorial weekend for maternity leave. My friend always says to be kind to ourselves. I think that should be every woman's motto. Society judges us so harshly but no one is harder on ourselves than we are! We all need to be kind to ourselves! I'm going to check out that I'm trying to get out and walk every day with my little one. Exercise is a good thing, it clers my head!

    1. That should read clears my head. My little one is going crazy in my arms......


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