Bulletin Boards and BTS with TPT

Aug 17, 2013

It has been a bulletin board week for me.  I have been working hard on getting my "Take Your Pick" boards up and running for the year.  My OCD has kicked in at full speed and these boards took me FOREVER! I used wrapping papers, scrapbook paper, placemats, and clip boards to help me this year.  Take a look!

Here's how it works: students earn tickets (this is determined by the classroom teachers).  Then they put their name on the ticket and choose the book they would like to try to win. They put their ticket in the little pockets that you see.  Last year I only had one board, which meant I gave away 5 books a week.  It was such a hit that we have 15 books to give away a week!!
I am really excited to see how it turns out this year.

I am linking up with Christina to showcase the BTS with TPT.
So I was never voted anything significant in my senior class of 800 people but here are my TPT choices for my "best and most yearbook" page.

My "teacher's pet" was a toss up for me because there are a few activities that I really enjoy.  But I had to go with my Letters, Words, and Sentences Pack.  First of all--I love the colors!  But (most importantly) this pack includes a Powerpoint and corresponding sort.  I know my firsties respond really well to Powerpoints, so this activity is really effective for me.

My "most likely to help your students succeed" needs to go to the Phonics Scoot Bundle.  I used these a lot last year and my students seemed to really benefit from them (especially my struggling readers).  It helped them to practice reading and writing the words with particular spelling patterns.  For a couple of the games they had to decide which pattern would "look right" in the word before writing it.  Those games were particularly helpful!

My "best couple" has got to be my daily math activities.  There is my Number of the Day sheet and it is a FREEBIE.  I cannot wait to see my teammate Natalie use this during her math meeting this year!  Our goal is number sense, number sense, number sense!  It is coupled with my Daily Common Core Math Warm Ups.  I will be using these sheets everyday to help me review common core skills quickly before we dig into our lesson for the day.

Hope you find some great materials to use this year.  Let us know if you find a great TPT product...we might have to jump over and buy it before the sale is over too!


  1. Your boards look wonderful! What a cute idea!! And your phonics scoot sounds great- good luck with the sale!
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