A Cape Please??!!!???

Sep 4, 2013

Right now I wish I had one of these...
Our youngest is all about being "SUPER GIRL".  She wears her super girl shirt every.other.day. Seriously.  My hubby does all the laundry... quickly.  So today she wore this. Thanks EM!
And tomorrow she will wear a blue super girl shirt.  And every day, when we get home she puts on the cape she was given for her birthday from our sitter.  :) 
Right now, I need one because I have a HA-UGE stack of writing screeners to score and I'm blogging...... :)  Maybe if I wore one of these headbands I would be able to get more focused.  Pirates can do anything. 
Or maybe I should put on a face like this.....
Finally, I will leave you with the first lost tooth in our house.  :)
You can read more about this story here.

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  1. CUTE!! I could use one of those capes, too! I'll have to settle for a good night's sleep! My son lost his first tooth and we never found it. I did find a dried up piece of mashed potato on the floor and tried to convince him it was his tooth. He was even smart back then and didn't fall for it!


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