Continuing to Grow and Change

Aug 11, 2014

Change.  Many times it is a good thing.  But that doesn't always make it makes change tricky.  Some change is brought on myself and I look forward to it with each new year.  Some change I know is coming and I think I'm ready but may realize that I'm not.  But it doesn't really matter, does it?  Change will happen anyways.

One of the best parts about our profession (I think) is the fresh start each year.  A new school year means that I get to try again.  The things I did wrong last year, I can make right this year.  And the things I did right, I can try to do again.   I do not look back at my lesson plans (unless I'm really stumped) because I love doing things a little differently each year.  Pushing myself just a little bit harder to find a better way. 

I started organizing in my different classrooms and "office" this week.  All of sudden I came home with piles of file folders and empty binders.  My filing system has always been the same.  Manilla folders with labels in a filing cabinet. Last year it started to evolve into more digital files that I just printed as needed.  But this summer I realized that I'm overwhelmed.  The files are all so spread out and I don't really know what I have.  Anyone else in this boat?

So I started printing some digital files off, pitching some old files, hole punching, organizing, and labeling.

 But also sweating and worrying.  Getting used to a new system is a little nerve racking to me.  But the change is necessary.  I've got to grow with the change around me.  So this is my binder to help me organize my word work groups that I will have this year.  I've got to be efficient.  I will be meeting with 11 different groups(reading, writing, math, word work) each day.

Another big change smacked me in the face tonight.  And it's name is Kindergarten.  My oldest starts tomorrow.  She will actually be at my school for just this one year and so I have felt pretty excited about this change.  But tonight as she made her own lunch, it sunk in that this next stage in our life is really here. Hmmm....this change feels trickier than I thought it would.


  1. Good luck with Kindergarten tomorrow! Exciting change. Good luck with all of it!!

  2. My head is kind of swimming with some changes I'm considering too. Time to dive right in I guess. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. I too am overwhelmed with files. I was trying to organize papers today. As I put papers away, I wondered if I would remember that I had them when I needed them. Also my job is requiring more data so I am also struggling with how to keep the data.
    I hope your little girl has a wonderful day on her first day of kindergarten!

  4. I'm sure she'll love Kindergarten! Have a fun day! I would love to put all my stuff in binders too, but I'm thinking maybe that is a next summer thing. A little late in my back to school game for that!


  5. Such a touching post! Maybe it is because of changes going on in my life! A daughter getting married and a son leaving home...I would love to go back and send them off to kindergarten...Sigh! I've been throwing and giving away so much stuff this year. If I haven't used it in the past two years, I threw it away!! Happy New Year!

  6. Good luck with Kindergarten tomorrow. It's always a big leap even when you are a teacher and you know she'll be fine. It's a new world, as you can tell already.

    Change is my middle name and I think you will love the simplified result!


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