Revisiting the Basics: Counting

Sep 28, 2014

 I love this book.

 Have you read it?

It is a counting book but with a twist.  The questions within the book expand. 

The questions on this page are something like:
How many dogs are there at the park?
How many dogs at the park have spots?
How many dogs with spots have their tongues sticking out?

Since we have been solving story problems about buses, we decided to expand on the idea within this book.  It turned out something like this:

This first class put a "B" on the belly for boy and "G" for girl.  (Each class got to add something different to the people on the bus.)  Then they got to "sit" anywhere on the bus that they wanted.  Our first question was then asked, "How many boys are on the bus?"

This led to a conversation about how we could make the counting easier.  My firsties decided they needed to sit in rows.

As the lesson progressed, they asked more questions.

I wanted more questions that needed two or three attributes.  The great thing about this book is that we can do the activity again with a different theme: jack o'lanterns, perhaps :)

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