My Teacher Hero

Feb 24, 2015

"What teacher made the biggest impact on your life?"

This was always the question that was asked on the first day of a college course in the education department.  I hated  this question.  I would make something up every single time.  Growing up I did not have a teacher that made a big impact on my educational career.  I was the quiet girl.  Did my work, did what I was told, didn't cause trouble.  Teachers did not really pay much attention to me.

It is not a sad story.

I did not seek out the approval or love of the teachers around me. I got that at home.  My parents raised me to work hard, be kind, think for myself.  So I did.  They were my #1 teachers.  They are and will always be my heroes.

But when I started teaching, a new type of hero entered my life.  My Teacher Hero.  I have found that I surround myself with teachers that have a thirst for teaching.  They are always seeking to improve, learn more, try new techniques, and uplift children.  These are the people that inspire me.  Some are veteran teachers that have a wealth of knowledge but still the desire to grow, share, learn.  Some are brand new teachers that have such a positive attitude and the ambition to try every new technique that comes their way.

Thank you.  I will continue to strive to be a strong, determined, and positive teacher, just like the teacher heroes that surround me. 

As you read, please know that many of the teachers that inspire me are "virtual" teachers.  I love to follow, read, and learn from all the teachers blogging or commenting on blogs.  I grow from the experience daily.  Thank you.

TPT is throwing a sale to just say "thanks" to all the teacher heroes out there.  I included three "secret" items that I marked down 50%.  Thank you...but...

Who inspires you?


  1. Thanks for reminding me to reach out to those quiet kids who are doing "fine." Sometimes the other kids get more of my attention... but those kids need me, too.

    I think Kim Bearden's talk on Sunday totally hit on this-- how we need to be that light in the lives of not only the kids, but also the teachers around us. And you, my friend, are absolutely that for me! Thank you!!


  2. This was a great reminder that all our kids need our attention, not just the ones that ask for it in the most obvious ways. Thank you for sharing your story!

    Adventures of a Schoolmarm

  3. YES! I remember being asked that question so many times and I was in the same boat!
    My favorite teacher was not at school, but instead my piano teacher. I was one of those "bored" students who didn't love school (I probably did, but just not the going with the flow pace). I now have been blessed to work along teachers I would have LOVED when I was growing up :)
    Thanks for the link-up, Jen

  4. I did have a teacher make a tremendous difference in my life, however, I agree that the teachers I work with motivate me to work hard each day. Bloggers like you inspire me more than anything, though. Thank you for sharing with the rest of the world!

    1. Oh my! Thank you so much for your kind words. I love to write about all the things my kids are doing (in part so that I don't forget and can look back for ideas! ha!) But I also LOVE to read about what others are doing. It is much more powerful than I had ever imagined. Thank you for commenting. It makes me so happy!

  5. I remember some of my teachers, but no one stands out as "that" teacher. I'm feeling blessed to have the opportunity to have teachers around me (thanks to virtual connections) who love to share and put kids first. Thanks for sharing your story! Have a great weekend!



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