100 Days Smarter

Mar 2, 2015

 Our first official "100 Days Smarter" celebration occurred on Friday.

My teammate, Jess, organized the event.  6 classrooms of first and second graders were to participate in the rotation.  Each classroom would have a different theme.  The activities were organized.   We dressed the part and decorated the school. 

When the kids arrived to school on Friday, I was AMAZED!  There were more children dressed up than I have ever seen before.  The day was off to a great start and I was so excited!

Each room was set up with different activities.  The students were thrilled to rotate to first and second grade classrooms!

Room 1: Students read a 100th day book.  Then created 100 paper chains.  Each chain had the name of someone that believes in them (referencing Believe Week).

Room 2:  After reading a 100th day book, students brainstormed reasons that they love our school.  Then they wrote it on a heart to be displayed in our hallway.

 Room 3: Students were asked to construct structures with 100 blocks and complete 100 piece puzzles.  This was fascinating to me!  The puzzles were a REAL challenge and I will be diving into this subject later.

Room 4: 100 day hats were created in our fourth room. 

 Room 5: Our classes also estimated and counted the number licks it took to get through a lollipop.

Room 6: In the sixth room, students completed movement in sets of 100, read a 100 day poem, and made a bookmark.

The day was such a success.  So much for the kids and teachers, while so much learning took place.  When you hear many children saying: "This was the BEST day ever!"...

You know you did something right.

P.S.  We were very inspired by so many other bloggers and ideas for this day of festivities.  I just want to refer to some other sites that may help you to gather more ideas:

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  1. I love when they tell me it was "the best day ever". Keeps me encouraged to try other fun ways to learn!

  2. I'm impressed with all the dressing up. They sure embraced the day!

  3. This is so neat! I love rotation activities, and their t-shirts are so cute! What a great celebration. :) I know the "best day ever" comments were worth every bit of the time you put into planning and preparation.


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