Classroom Ninja Training: Trustworthy

Aug 31, 2015

This marked the last day of our ninja training.  After discussing bravery, perseverance, curiosity, responsibility, respect, and being strategic, we pulled it all together with the word "trustworthy."

This day looked quite a bit different than all of our other ninja training days.  There was a lot to accomplish and the students needed to be learn to put all their amazing ninja skills into practice.

Throughout the ninja training, half of my team was completing assessments and the other half was teaching the whole grade level.  As you have read in the previous posts above, we have been working on all the behavioral expectations that we will be working towards this year.  Students also got to know each other, learned some questioning techniques (I will share this in a later post), and were introduced to some of the tools they will use this year.  It was all productive, meaningful, and we made it as fun as possible.  It provided us with the perfect opportunity to complete all those necessary assessments that occur at the beginning of the year.

Since the assessments are complete and the ninja training has come to an end, the students were ready to learn how to start switching classes.  This takes quite a bit of practice because of the different procedures with clipboards, behavior, and the hallway expectations.

This is where our word "trustworthy" came into play.

As the day came to a close, our students were all taken outside.  We celebrated each student because they had completed their official first grade ninja training!  We cheered, clapped, and talked about how excited we were to work with them this year!

I know I'm ready to get started!

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  1. That is so fantastic. What a great way (and fun way) to teach your expectations and citizenship in general. Make a unit for TpT, I would love to buy it!!!


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