Work Zombies

Oct 21, 2015

It has been almost a whole month since I last wrote on Curious Firsties.  And that makes me sad.

(Shark girl and me...sad)  :)
Even when life gets busy, I enjoy reflecting here, learning here, and growing here as an educator.  But life has not been too busy.... I have been...hmmm....overwhelmed.

I think that may be the best way to describe it.

Last year we ended our school year with a literacy framework.  It was a way for us to analyze what we were doing currently.  As a building, we looked at our gaps, our inconsistencies, but also our strengths.  And we pooled all of our expertise, the research, and our resources to create a literacy framework.

I learned so much.

Along with the framework came RtI.  This has been in the works for a long time but we are now running at full speed.  We may be way behind some schools out there and far ahead of others, but this is where we are right now and we are diving in.


Although my whole building is pulling together to make our building wide intervention block successful, my Title I teammate (Sarah) and I have been working hard to make the transition smooth, less overwhelming, and as least frustrating as possible.

Hence my absence.

It was decided that we would create binders filled with the research based interventions that would take place in our K-2 building wide intervention block.  We were totally up for the task and excited to learn from it.  And we did.  And the product was our best effort.


I am pretty certain we turned into work-zombies along the way.  Lots of late nights, researching, laminating, reading, typing, laminating, laminating, hole punching, organizing......

Sarah locked her keys in the car while it was still running....twice.  People were having full conversations with me and I had no clue.  We got pretty nutty...pretty crazy.

It has been almost two weeks that our binders have been completed, the RtI data analyzed, groups formed, schedules fully completed.  And most importantly, groups have begun.

And I think Sarah and I may just be coming back to life.


  1. I hope you are planning some posts on the ins and outs of making your binder. I am a reading specialist K-6 and I am always looking for more things to put in my toolbox.

  2. Oh Boy! I remember when my school moved toward RTI. I was not a fan until I tried it. Now I love it and see the benefits every year. Good luck to you and your colleagues. You are all so lucky to have each other. I hope you find time to rest and do something fun for yourself this weekend. I look forward to future posts with ideas to add during RTI time. Julie first grade Cambria California

  3. Oh BOY, that sounds fantastic! Can I please have a lesson next summer? I love binders and everything in them... Great job!

  4. I locked my keys in the car (while running) in high school on a very cold, snowy night. My parents were not too happy to drive the 30+ minutes to school to bring the extra set of keys to my Buick...ah the memories. I hope all your hard work is paying off for staff and, more importantly, students!


  5. I can kind of relate. I feel like a billion things are going on in my head, and I'm not sure which way to go. It's an exhausting feeling. I hope things come together quickly for you and your team.


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