Countdown to Leap Day...Week 1

Feb 9, 2016

I shared last week that we are counting down to Leap Day this year!  What a concept for our little kiddos.  4 years!!  Oh my!  They have only been alive for 7 years, so to understand the concept of 4 years and the importance of adding one extra day to the calendar...that is a big idea to wrap their heads around.

 As a math team, we decided to place a time object into each of the 29 bags.  We would remove the item each day, turn the bag around, and make a quick announcement each morning about the time concept.

Our first three bags were all about a DAY.  We wanted to reiterate that a day is composed of 24 hours and that we partake in certain activities throughout the hours of the day.

 Then we moved on to week.  We posted all the days of the week and a little image to show where that day is found on the calendar (I really like that visual!)  We also decided to lay out one full week (at the bottom) that shows a weekend versus a school week.  We are a K-2 building and we felt that was important for them to see.

This week will begin our items that are all about the months.

My favorite part about this so far...the kids "get on me" if they come into school and I have not posted the new item yet.  Oops!  But that tells me that they are watching, listening, and anticipating! 

Let the countdown continue!


  1. I agree, Leap Year is such a difficult concept for young students! Love how you broke this down for them!

  2. Super smart and clever (as always)!

  3. This looks like something really concrete for them to wrap their heads around. I'm excited to see what else is in the bags too!


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