Writing Reading Balance

Apr 10, 2016

I am so sad that my blogging brain has not been ignited lately.  I have been struck by the reading bug this year.  So bad, in fact, that I have started to write down the titles I have read because I am losing track.  This is a good thing...but...

One of my goals this year was to continue to work on the balance in my life: wife, mom, teacher, blogger, reader, friend, sister, learner, daughter, TPT-er.  That is one person being pulled in a lot of directions but I like the challenge.  But we also know that one person can only be pulled in so many directions before she snaps.

Well...good news...I have not snapped.  But books do suck me in.  And when I sit down to write or create or read blogs...I hear my current book calling to me.  I give in.  So I think that for now that is just where I am.

But I have some blog post fires starting to ignite and I know they will need to be released from my brain soon. For now, I am going to let the book suck me in because readers are better writers and writers are better readers (or at least that is my excuse for now).


  1. Have you heard of Goodreads? You can keep track of all the books you read, keep a list of books you want to read, see what your friends are reading, get book recommendations, etc. Look me up if you do!

  2. I'm in the same boat, though it seems to be a variety of things taking my attention. I feel like I'm not really "in the game" as I have a student teacher too. I'm hoping I get back in the groove over the next few weeks before the end of the year. :)


  3. I'm happy for you! That kind of reading is sooooooo good. Hope you have many minutes to read today.


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