The Unknown Impact

May 1, 2016

Last summer my building had a book study.  We got together once a week to discuss the book at hand.  Some gaps were discussed.  And some possible solutions were brainstormed.  We were eager to try out some of these solutions and May is the perfect time to start reflecting on the impact of these changes.

Today I wanted to focus on the Readbox.  You may remember from earlier posts that this was a large bookshelf that my teammate, Sarah, and I rolled out at dismissal.  Families could check out a book to read at home and return it when they were done.  The books were not leveled.  Just high interest books that we hoped would hook even our reluctant readers.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching students check out the books all year long.  But what is even better is when they wanted to discuss the book with me at breakfast when it is returned.  Or that they read or heard a book in class and requested that it be put into the Readbox.

But this past week something else happened.  My first grade students were finishing a research piece on an animal of their choice.  They learned about how to write a table of contents and dedication page.  I enjoyed listening to them share their writing pieces during the "safari celebration."  And then I saw this:

 What I've just don't always know the impact that you may be having.


  1. 3 cheers for the Readbox (and it's organizers). That is AWESOME! :)


  2. That is absolutely fantastic!!! Well done!

  3. Yea! Authenticity and purpose is a common thread that I see in your posts.


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