Girl's Day

Jul 29, 2012

Today I enjoyed a much needed girl's day out with my cousin, whom I have not seen in what feels like forever.  We love to go shopping together for some thrifty finds.  First stop: The Glass Barn.

If you ever come to Cincinnati, it is a fun place to visit.  You never know what you might find jars, or gift wrap, even dish towels!  Our great purchases included mason jars (to be used later!), Wonder Woman Glass (just for fun), and a pretty pink drinking glass for 79 cents!  What a sweet deal!

Second stop: The thrift store. I was looking for some stools for our computer center this year.  No such luck...but have no fear.  We found some great Ann Taylor, Fossil, and Eddie Bauer clothing.  Oh, I love a good deal!

After a great afternoon of shopping, Chrissy (my cousin) and I decided to use the mason jars to make a Mind Jar.   The idea came from  Chrissy had read that Mind Jars can be a great tool for calming down children or adults.  So my preschooler and Chrissy worked together to create a Mind Jar to help calm some extreme emotions that can go out of my little preschooler.

So what do you need to make one of these calming jars? 

Mason Jar or Plastic Jar (peanut butter)
Glitter Glue
Hot water
Food Coloring
Glycerin (just to thicken the water)
Name labels

Here's to calm and happy kids!


  1. How fun. The glass barn is about 2 minutes from school! Love it!
    Michelle- Fabulous in First

  2. I had so much fun shopping and working on the Mind Jar Project! I can't wait to try this with my Adult Women's Day Treatment Group at the Mental Health Center where I work. I think the Mind Jar is such a great concept and the image of all the glitter being like our thoughts that as the glitter settles, so does our mind!

  3. Chrissy--We have used the Mind Jar during two emotional periods this week. She really liked using the jar and we found that it did help her calm down. Yay!! Thank you.


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