Linking Up with Amy Lemons!

Jul 26, 2012

I am linking up with about 200 something teachers for Amy Lemons "Tell Me More, Tell Me More!" Linky Party.  So......  here are some weird  unique things about me.  :)

1.  I met Mr. E. on the internet.  Yes... you read that right.... on the internet.  :)

2.  I HATE have a strong distaste for chocolate.  You read that right!  I don't like chocolate and yes, I'm a girl.  Everyone asks me how that is possible.  I have NO idea, but I was scarred in 2nd grade (sorry 2nd grade teachers) when we did the "taste test" using our senses.  She gave me an OREO!  BLAH!

3.  Secretly I want to be on So You Think You Can Dance?! (I'm too old and I can't dance like ANY of those dancers)  I L-O-V-E that show!!!  I can also Swing Dance. 

4.  I can't stand when cabinet doors are left open.  It's a weird obsession of mine.  Mr. E. tends to leave one open when he gets a glass.  There is some weird magnetic field that pulls me to it to close the door.  Our youngest right now has the same obsession with ALL the doors in our house, however, she chooses to SLAM them.

5.  I LOVE to run!!!!  I was in the best shape of my life since having three babes last summer. My sister and I were accepted into the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fran for the 1/2!  If you have the chance to do this race, do!  It's a BEAUTIFUL course.  Three weeks before the race..... I fractured my foot!  Well..... I still did the race.(the doctor said, NO, my mind said, "I'll show you" and I did not tell him I did it)  13.1 miles in a bedazzled (by my girls) boot!  Once an athlete always and athlete. 

my sis and I before the race

My FAVORITE signs on the route... The left one says, "If it was easy, I would do it" and the right says, "Your legs will forgive you.... Eventually!" 

The Fireman who gave me my TIFFANY finishers necklace!!!!!!

6.  When I sleep at night, I have to have a sheet under the blanket.  I also have to pull the sheet up to my chin.  This is a big step because I used to have to have all the blankets tucked in around me (kind of like a bug in a rug).  When I got married... I had to compromise. 

7.  I LOVE ketchup!  mmmmm.....

8.  Cop, FBI, CIA dramas are one of my favorite shows to watch!  I LOVE all the Law and Orders.
I also like to watch Top Chef, Food Network Star, Cupcake Wars, and Challenge, but I don't really like to cook.  :)

9.  I am one of SEVEN kids.  :)  I'm the second oldest. There are six girls and one boy
in my family. I loved being in a big family!!!!
I wish I had a pic of all of us, but it's so hard to get us all in one place. 

10.  I'm a Gleek!  I LOVE Glee and the Glee Project!

Now it's your turn!!


  1. I found you on the Tell me More Linky!
    I love Glee too! Come follow me back!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. I love this linky...I should link up! I come from a family of six and only one of them is a boy. Our brothers really understand women!
    Owl Things First

    1. That's for sure, however, I think we drove my brother to be crazy. In his career, he jumped out of PERFECTLY good airplanes! :)


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