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Jul 24, 2012

I apologize for the hiatus, but we were on a mini-vacay!  We were in Cleveland where we did LOTS of great things!

1.  Cleveland vs. Baltimore.  Cleveland lost.... stinkin' Indians (that's what we REDLEGS call them in our house.  My Mr. E is from Cleveland, so our house is divided.)  They also had fireworks after the game.  They were SPECTACULAR!!!!!  One of the best I've seen!  They shot fireworks off the top of the stadium!!!!  It was AWESOME and made me (and everyone with us) light up!!!  I felt so kiddish when I was watching them. 

2.  Swings - and - Things.  Now.. the girls were a little disappointed because they thought we were actually going to be swinging, but it's called that because there are batting cages.  Who knew?  So many firsts for our oldest.

Bumper Boats (she's the one you can't see) with her uncle pelting her with water!

Ice Cream for dinner!!!!  Can you believe how much they gave her? In Strongsville..... Go to Z's!!!

Our Middle... Ice Cream for dinner.... WHAT!!! She ate it all too!

Our Youngest... Yes... Ice Cream for dinner too... She at it ALL!!!  22 month olds can do that??!!!???

Why is blogger so confusing sometimes.  After I finish writing captions, I tried to click to left justify again and it didn't, so I just started typing and it's back to normal... weird.

Anyway....Yes, our girls did have dessert for dinner on vacation and they were so PUMPED about it!  It was also someone in the band's birthday, so they also had ice cream cake! What?!?!?!? Yes... we were bad parents, but it's ok every so often.  Back to the list...

3.  After church we went to the local pool in the city where my brother-in-law lives.  The girls have a blast there and this also happened....  wait for it.......

Yes... she jumped off the board into 10 ft. of water!  She's way too brave for me now!  Last year I had tried to convince her to jump off by doing a backflip myself.  (sorry no pictures of that super fun event and yes... I impressed myself because it had been YEARS since I had done one) No convincing this year, she asked to do that right away. 

4.  Children's Mueseum and a YUMMY dinner at Samosky's Pizza.  It was delicioso!

5.  Bubbles and play... pack and leave... :( 

6.  Parade in my old stomping ground and where I teach.  The girls love going to it every year.  This year, we were blessed to have our choir sing first and then I jetted back to walk with the school.  The girls stayed with my parents and had a super fun time. 

Ok... so this isn't all about that I also finished my Guiding K-3 Writers to Independence:  The New Essentials.  :)  HOORAY for Mr. E driving home!  I wish I had a before picture of my book, but all I have is the after.  Do your books look like this too???????

I guess tabs would have worked good too, but... post-its for me!  :)  So many notes.  So much more to blog about, but I will stop here for tonight. Until tomorrow my friends......

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  1. Maria! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting :) Your girls are SO SO stinkin' cute!!!! You should add a follower button to your blog so I can join up and follow along the fun!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)


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