Bookroom Remodel

Aug 13, 2012

I moved to a different school within my district three years ago when my elementary school closed.  As I was getting to know my new school, I learned that the bookroom had been shoved moved around quite a bit!  All the books were mixed up in four filing cabinets in the cafeteria.  Those poor books!! I could tell they had been nicely organized at one point in time.  That is when I decided that it was time for a REMODEL!  Stage 1 begins...

So I took a trip to IKEA (of course)!  And I bought these awesome boxes for two bucks!  What a deal!
                                                        FLYT Magazine file IKEA
Each of the book sets got a new clean bag and label. Organize, sort, organize, sort...and voila! I had lots of boxes full of lots of books.

Now came the tricky part...where to put them all?  Our school is busting at the seams.  We don't have room for boxes of books.  But that does not stop a my brain starting turning....

Oh, husband!!! After much hammering, sawing, and sweat...we came up with this: shelves on a cafeteria wall.

The curtains (also from IKEA) protect the bookroom from little hands!

Stage 2 of our remodel started when I decided that all of these wonderful books needed to be logged into a format that teachers could easily search through.  I wanted teachers to be able to look at titles by level or category so that themes may tie together better.  Well...that was a stupid brilliant idea!!!!  I have spent hours upon hours upon hours logging books.  Here is what it looks like:

So stage 3 started this summer. I was asked to order $10,000 in books!  Oh you read that right...10,000 dollars!  Are you wondering what that looks like?

It was like Christmas in August today!  Opening box after box after box of all these wonderful books! (Here is my mess)

So this week will bring more bagging, labeling, and sweat (no air conditioning).  But how exciting to have so many new, fresh, interesting books to use this year! 

Oh and one more thing.  Thank you to Heinemann for a whole box of free books.  We look forward to using these.

Thanks for reading about all of my bookroom adventures!  I look forward to uploading the finished product!


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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! What a job! Your hard work (and many hours) paid off. The children of your school will benefit greatly! Enjoy the fruits of your labor this year!

    Teaching with Moxie


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