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Aug 9, 2012

Well, this is my first blog hop! We will see how this goes :)

Mrs. Reed over at Flying into First Grade wanted to know some more about first grade literacy I thought I'd join in!

 1. what grade you are in: I have taught first and second grade. Currently, I am a first grade title teacher that co-teaches in classroom. (love it!!!)

2. when do you start your literacy centers: I have always started them in September.

3. advice for teaching students the procedures in centers: Don't rush the process! The first week...I introduce each center. We move around the centers together and practice them together. Students model how to move from center to center. Second week...we go through the motions of guided reading/center time; however, I am monitoring the whole time and students are just quietly reading at the guided reading table. Students continue to model for each other what it looks like to switch centers. Third week...I actually do guided reading groups but continue to do some modeling and monitoring around the room. I think a lot of the process depends on the type of students you teach. My students require a lot of guidance and modeling!

4. share a tip about literacy centers in your classroom: It is helpful if your directions have visual pictures for your students, especially at the beginning of the year.


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