Bulletin Boards and More FIRSTS!

Aug 8, 2012

So upon entering my classroom a few weeks ago (maybe it was last week... all of them are running together) I saw my drab bulletin boards.  Now... four years ago, I liked them because all the ribbon I bought matched the 50's sea foam green cinder blocks that were in my room.  Well.... thanks to all of the inspiration out there, I RIPPED gently tore down the old ribbon (staples flying everywhere) and put up new border.  What do you think??????  After the pics, I'll tell you a little secret.

Pink polka dot in the middle and solid colors on the other sides.  :)

This border is pink with white polka dots.  I need to do a close up.  That is a cupcake liner on the one board. Still trying to decide where to put the others.  I need to paint the top, but I've already spent "one million dollars" (in your best Mike Myers voice from Austin Powers) so maybe next year.  hehe

My DIY paper plate banner.I am thinking about putting green on top.

Other side.
My secret??????  All the border that is up in my classroom is....... CREPE PAPER!!!  Yes... you read that right.  I went to Target and bought streamers in the party isle!!!!  So.... with PLENTY of solid pink and green left, I only spent about $6 on border!!! Crazy right???!!!!  Border in the teacher stores are soooo expensive.  I do LOVE border, but again in my best Michael Myers voice, I've already spent about "one million dollars".  I actually never intended to do this when I started.  I bought the pink polka dot because I liked it and then it evolved.  When I went back to Target they were "Sold Out", *sniff, sniff*, so I went with solid colored streamers.  Now all I need to do is decorate them.  :)

Next, there were more firsts in our family today!!!  We went to Kings Island today, a favorite stop of ours since we live about thisclose.  Today our oldest moved up in the world to 46 inches!!!! This only means she can do two more rides at Kings Island. Both are water rides which was PERFECT for today.  Our middle tried Boo Blasters for the first time.  And our youngest, wore her first 2T outfit today. :'(  I know many would be so excited for that, but I'm not ready for my baby to be in big girl clothes. 

She is jumping for joy in this picture, but parents were probably giving me an evil eye when I dragged gently guided her into the seat of our ride screaming her brains out, quietly saying, "I don't want to go!"

She *LOVES* all these characters. Personally, they freak me out a little.
I know this post is 6 pages long, but only one more thing.  :)  In Cincinnati, we have a FABULOUS store for teachers that is COMPLETELY FREE!!!!!  Yes, you read that right, FREE. It's called Crayons to Computers and everything in it is donated by wonderful people and companies all over the tri-state.  It is like Christmas on the first shopping day of the year.  If you follow Michelle of Fabulous in First she blogged about it a week or so ago.  Her pictures are a lot better than the ones I shot between grabbing EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, calmly taking only things I will need and use in my classroom this year.  Now, there are limits on most things you can take, so take out the pictures in your mind of the day after Christmas shopping frenzy.  We are able to get things we will use daily like pencils, glue sticks, erasers, dry erase markers, scissors, magnets, paper, cutouts, and then some other fun treats.  I wish I would have taken a before and after pic of all my stuff, maybe if I think about it on Friday.  Some of the *treats* this time were Thirty-One purses, stacking trays that are SO sturdy I'm IN LOVE with them, Command Hooks (can't wait to use them), Airheads, a few chair covers (I like the black ones, so I only got 4 that's all they had), and COLORED copy paper in PINK and PURPLE.... HEAVEN!!!!!  :)  So enjoy and hop on over to Michelle's blog to check out her pictures.
A view of the store from the check-in.

Do you see that beautiful pink and purple paper???? 

Bags, stickers, beads.

Thirty-One purses

Cutouts and shape journals ( I love those!)

Math items and chair covers.

Officey (is that a word?) stuff

 A HUGE thanks to all the volunteers who work there!  I appreciate you!  Click HERE to go to the Crayons to Computers website.  Also.... if you are in the Cincinnati area and aren't an eligible school, you can volunteer there and earn a FREE shopping day!!! :)  Keep it in mind. 

And the mad dash begins.......

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  1. Love the bulletin boards. Your room looks AMAZING! Thanks for the inspiration, as always!


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