Quick Transformation Part 2

Aug 16, 2012

Thursday was the day for part 2 of some transformations.

Last week (was it last week?  I don't know) I posted about a cork board that changed into a chalkboard with a quick coat of paint.  Here is Maria's final product (so cute, Maria)!

My wonderful mom came to help me finish our school book room today.  As I stated earlier, we have tons of new books and they must fit in our cafeteria.  So we found some beautiful new shelves to put them on.

With the help of some duct tape...

the shelves now look like this:

Better, right?  But with some book boxes, it looks like this:

Yay! Thank you duct tape.  You made my life much easier today.  So did you mom!  Thanks!



  1. Seriously-you look like you have your own DIY team! From this post and your last one-all you need is matching shirts. You should have your own show! Been working hard and everything looks great. Love what just a lil duct tape can do! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. Christy and Tammy,
    Thanks so much!! We are having so much fun with all our DIY. I don't think I even realized I had it in me :)



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