A Thank YOU and Giveaways!!!!!

Sep 15, 2012

A few things.......

Number 1.  A GINORMOUS thank you goes out to my friend Jenny over at Owl Things First for giving me inspirations and helping me to get rid of my "noreply blogger" status.  :)  I have searched and searched for a way to fix this and she came to my rescue!!!!!  If you're having trouble, head on over to Jenniffer's Sometimes Creative Life she has a GREAT tutorial!  Thanks again Jenny!!!!  :)

Number 2.  Head on over to our newest blogger friend Lisa at Growing Firsties for a 31 follower giveaway!  She's doubling the prize if she gets to 62!!!!  She's giving away a SUPER CUTE 31 lunch tote!!!!  :)  LOVE 31.  So head on over and give her some love.  :)

Number 3.  Another GREAT giveaway is going on over at the Teacher Idea Factory!  Kelly is giving away writing units that I'm HOPING I WIN!!!!!  Head on over to her blog to enter!!!  CLICK HERE!!! 
Tomorrow I'll be back with school-y stuff!!!  :)  We finished-ish up our Skippyjon stuff and I can't wait to share what we did on Friday!!!!!  :)
Be Curious today friends!

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  1. You are sooo great - thanks soooo much for the shout out!!! Hoping you are a winner!!! Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties!


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