Tying Up Loose Ends... and a FREEBIE!!!

Sep 16, 2012

On Friday we finished up reading the last Skippyjon Jones book I had called, Lost in Spice. It was also one of the funniest books and Judy Schachner did a great job of changing it up a little.  Usually, Skippy gets into trouble at the start of the book, but this book was different which led to some GREAT conversations about how writers have the POWER when they write.  Our firsties loved mirroring us saying, "I HAVE the POWER!"  This took me back to the He-Man days of my brother.  Did anyone ever watch that show?????  I remember my brother and I playing with this guy and watching the cartoon when I was younger.  :) 
So onto the good stuff.  :)  We really got to know Skippyjon Jones this week, so we decided to end our week with character traits of Skippy.  This lesson went WAY better than I thought it would go.  After discussing that, "Yes, he is a cat, but what kind of cat is he." "Yes, he is a Siamese cat, lets talk about his character.  Like..... he's naughty."  Ding, ding, ding.  This is what we got for two classes.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my yellow guys.  Forgive me.  
Do not hate me because I'm a amazing artist!  hehe 
After we worked on these guys we traced, cut, and wrote, "Skippyjon Jones is ________."  When finished our firsties were able to decorate their cape.  After that, I taped them on their shirts and off they flew thru my classroom.  Seriously.  I had a few boys, arms out and all.  :)  Cute.  Not expected. 
I have to tell you about a conversation that took place while working.  S1, "I'm going to have kids, but I have to do it before I get a job as an architect.  I'm going to be an architect, but I have to have kids first."  S2, " I'm going to have kids, too."  S1, "You have to have a husband.  Kids are made with a mom and a dad."  Teacher, " I think this is too much of a conversation to have while drawing a cape."  Ohmiword! 
Onto our pictures.....

 Next week we are into getting into our "Small Moment Bags".  These will help us write our first stories, aside from the Skippyjon stories I'm going to have the blue guys write.  :)  We are going to start off reading this story:  Olivia.  Ian Falconer was inspired to write this after seeing his niece. He wanted to make this as a little present to her.  A small moment.
Since we'll be reading about Pigs and my firstie friends just read, Pig in a Wig, we will be doing a little labeling.  It's yours if you'd like. :)  The graphic is from MelonHeadz and the fonts are from Hello Literacy,  If you've never been to either of their sites, RUN over there!!!  Jennifer has the CUTEST, FREE fonts!!!!  And Nikki has FANTASTIC illustrations.  Some are free and some are bundled in packages.  Either way... these ladies are both AMAZINGLY talented!!!  :)  (ps... they have NO idea who I am, so I was not paid to say those things about them)
Have a Curious Monday!

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