A Day in the Life of a Curious Teacher

Oct 17, 2012

I'm not sure that any one in the world will care about everything we do in one day, but I thought it would be a fun post.  :)

So..... last night, I was tuckered out so I went to bed at 10. 
4:15  First wake up.  This is when my hubby usually leaves for work.  Today he stayed home because we thought one of our coughing littles would have to stay home, but everyone woke up well.  My body did not realize this was going to happen.  :(
5:10  Alarm went off.... I hit snooze. 
5:20  Alarm went off again..... still tired, hit snooze.
5:29  Got up before I could hit snooze again. 
5:30  Took shower and got ready.
6:08  Tried to wake up oldest, but woke up all three ladies.  She wants me to wake up her up early because she wants to "spend time" with me before I have to take her to the sitter. 
Snuggled a little with my youngest because she looked so darn cute laying on the "blue sofa" we've been transitioning to a "Big Girl" bed. Keep reading for more about that.  :)
6:30  Finally got downstairs after making sure all girls were dressed and teeth brushed.
Packed lunch for me, finished up packing our oldest's lunch, signed reading log for her, made sure I had:  2 backpacks, 2 lunches, one sitter bag, my school bag, workout clothes bag, and diaper bag.  Seriously.... ALL THOSE BAGS!  I also had to be sure everyone had a jacket for this chilly morning.
Started the dishwasher
6:45  Started loading all into car, including all those bags. 
6:52  On our way to first drop off.
6:55  Got to first drop off.  Took oldest in. Gave her her "Kissing Hands" for the day, got mine.  Said a quick "Thank You" to the sitter and started out the door.  I was almost out when here comes our oldest, CRYING.  Not the first time, not the last.  We've been dealing with this since the first day of school.  :(  Breaks.my.heart. but I reminded her that I LOVE HER TONS and that I'm always with her in her heart. 
7:01  On the road again.
7:30  2nd drop off.  Dropped off our youngest and picked up a friend's daughter to bring to school. Chatted for a moment with sitter to give her the ins and outs of our morning thus far.  Wished her luck with our youngest who was already being territorial of her space with the cars and the garage. 
7:50  Said a little prayer for our sitter and all my little ladies. 
7:57  Pulled into school just in the nick of time!  :)
8:00  Signed in, had a little meeting, answered a few questions, checked email.
8:20  Firsties started pouring into my room, taking care of their morning business.
8:35  Announcements, attendance, lunch count.
8:50 Switched classes.

Should I continue to bore you with the rest of my day?????  Are you interested?  :)  If so.... keep reading.

8:50-9:25 Blue Group.
9:25 Specials that I totally forgot about because it's and Early Release day and our specials are shorter and at a different time.
Forgot about planning.  Got there a little late.  UGH! 
9:55-11:05 Blue Group
11:05-12:15 Yellow Group
12:15 -12:45 Lunch, but I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to fax.  :(
12:45-1:05  Vertical Team Meeting
1:05-1:35 Yellow Group
1:35 switch back to homeroom
1:35-1:50ish Getting ready for home.  Watched a Robert Munsch book online. Have you ever been to his sight?????  SOOOOOO awesome!  There are no pictures, just him reading which I L-O-V-E because the kiddos have to really listen to the story and he's just so.darn.funny!  CLICK HERE to go to his site.  :)
1:55  Began our decent to give our firsties back to their parents. 
2:00  Early Release meeting.
3:25  Filled out info for a student meeting with Curious Team members
3:40  Started on way to first pick up.
3:47ish  Picked up middle and youngest.
4:00 Headed to 2nd pick up. 
4:30  UGH TRAFFIC!  Picked up oldest.
4:45  Stopped at gym.  Dropped off kiddos at child care center.  Went to do my therapy exercises on my knee.  Met a friend, had a great stinky elliptical workout because I'm not allowed to run.  :(  But we had a GREAT conversation!  :)
5:35  Went back to the child care center to get girls.  Got Oldest and Middle ready for swim lessons. 
5:45  Oldest swim lesson.  Spent 30 minutes entertaining youngest and middle.  Crackers and coloring.  :)
6:20  Middle's swim lesson.  Spent 30 minutes entertaining youngest and oldest.  Oldest changed, youngest texted my sister a million times.  Animal crackers came to the rescue again. :)
7:00  Dressed and headed home.
7:10 Dinner.  Oldest and middle cried at the pizza that had been made. So... made Bagel Bites.
7:40  First spill.  Sunny D, not just orange, STRAWBERRY all over.  :(  Started clean up.
7:45 Second spill.  You guessed it.... Strawberry Sunny D.  All over my middle and the floor.  Hubby was in the middle of cleaning up the first and just kept on cleaning.  :)
8:00 Showers.  Lotion, jammies, dried hair for three little ladies. 
8:20ish Bed. 

Here's a pic of our youngest in her new big girl bed.    Yes.... all our girls are sleeping in the same room.  They are all doing VERY well.  NO ONE gets out of bed and they really do go right to sleep. 

So... since then... I've checked email, entered grades, and now blogging.  I'm also multi-tasking by watching Covert Affairs that was DVR'd last night.  LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!  :) 

Well friends.... that's my day in a nutshell except it's still not over.  I'm going to edit more "Small Moment" stories and review what's on the docket for tomorrow.  :)  I hope to be in bed by 12.  (fingers crossed it's sooner).  :) 

I'd love to see what your day looks like.  Thanks so much for sticking with me!!!!!!!  :)  I wish I had something to give you for sticking with me.  hmmm.......  I think we are going to have to do our first giveaway, so be on the lookout!!!!  :) 

Have a Curious night and day tomorrow friends!!!!!


  1. Isn't it amazing what gets started, blasted through, and accomplished in one day?! I am just waking up reading this, and wanting to head back to bed at the thought of the day ahead! Hope you have a great Friday and weekend. Can't wait to catch up soon! Maybe something next weekend? Football is ending, running anymore races is almost coming to a halt-until April, sadly, and basketball doesn't begin for a few weeks. Weight lifting class? Would love to have kiddo time or selfishly some girl-time! See you soon!

  2. Isn't it fun?! You have a reeeeally long day and I admire your push to make it to the end of the day with a smile on your face! You go, girl! Just wanted to stop by and say I BOO'd you in a different game than the one you all BOOed me in! Come by my blog and participate if you'd like! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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