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Oct 21, 2012

Last week I was catching up on some blog reading and found out about the "Virtual Book Club for Kids."  One of my favorite blogs "Growing Book by Book" was linking up to the book party and this month Amy Krouse Rosenthal  is being featured.  

The first book I ever bought by Amy Krouse Rosenthal was "Cookies Bite-Size Life Lessons."  And the second book I bought was "Christmas Cookies Bite-Size Holiday Lessons."

As you can see, they are both hardback versions.  And if you know anything about me at all, I must have really liked these books to buy hardback because (for lack of a better word) I am extremely...thrifty.  

I had to join the linky party.

One reason I enjoy these two books some much is 1. they are about cookies.  Oh, how I love Love LOVE cookies and sweets.  I love to make cookies but sadly I will eat ALL of them (and I wish I was kidding). 2. The author does explain her lessons in very kid-friendly terms.  3. These books are filled with absolutely amazing vocabulary!  I have read these books over and over again with my two little girls and we have discussed the words over and over.

BUT as we know, it is one thing to read/discuss and it is another to read/discuss and do.  Well, I will never back down from an opportunity to make some cookies.  So that is what we did this weekend.  My little family decided to make some of my favorite no-bake cookies.  

Peanut Butter Balls
I can take absolutely no credit for this recipe.  I follow the recipe for these delicious, mouth watering snacks at Simply Healthful Recipes. I do use gluten-free oats and peanut butter....oh yum!!

As we made these cookies (or any other foods), my girls and I talked about the words in the book.  Some examples from the book are "cooperate" and "proud."  We took some of our cookies to a friend as a house warming gift yesterday, which focused on word "generous."

I think this would be a great lesson to do in the classroom, as well.  Any recipe could be followed but the focus could be on all the great words in the text.  There are so many great classroom recipes out there! Actually acting out the words will be more powerful than just reading and discussing the words.  Thinking about how to implement this in the classroom led to a creation of a vocabulary sheet.

Click HERE to download the vocab document.
After reading the text and making a snack, the students can illustrate one of the featured vocab words from the Amy Krouse Rosenthal book.  They can illustrate the word.  Finally, they can explain their illustration in regards to the featured word.  My hope is that they will have a better understanding of the vocabulary word because they have read about it, acted it out, illustrated it, and explained it.

Of course my brain did not seem to stop there. I started thinking about how I could link this activity to math since I am teaching both reading and math this year.  This week we are starting combinations of 9.  Perfect!  Another great way for me to sneak in some cookie making.

Students can make different combinations of 9 by adding some white and dark chocolate chips to their cookies.  Sadly, they are not real cookies for me to devour.  But they still look fun to make!

This linky party is hosted by Mommy and Me Book Club.  There are a lot of great ideas to extend Amy Krouse Rosenthal's books!  Hope you can join in the club!

Hope I peaked your curiosity about Amy Krouse Rosenthal!


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