Rhyme, Oh Rhyme

Oct 1, 2012

  This book has started to look very worn-out loved in my room.  I have been using it to assess my students at the beginning, middle, and end of year on phonological awareness.  It is so exciting to see the progress that our little firsties can make during a year!

I am all about the nursery rhymes at the beginning of the year.  I love to empower the students to change the rhymes to make them silly and their own.  And once again, the firsties are loving it so far!

The first one that I did this year was with Humpty Dumpty.

click HERE to download

After reading the rhyme over and over, the students added their own name.  "Em, Bem" or "Ruby, Suby"

The following week, our firsties thought about other places that Humpty Dumpty could sit.  Then they had to come up with a rhyme to follow it.
They came up with:
"Humpty Dumpty sat in a tree, Humpty Dumpty got stung by a bee."
"Humpty Dumpty sat on a seat.  Humpty Dumpty has smelly feet."

So...let's move on.
I taught our firsties "Pease Porridge Hot" (which I had never heard before last year)!  We worked on orally changing the first sound of the words.  Tomorrow they will get to decide what sound they want to change and I will make some little mini books for them.

click HERE to download
I get a little worried that this activity may seem too easy because alliteration is something that my group can do orally.  But I like the mini books because it is something they can take ownership in.  It also forces them to look at the beginning sounds that their fellow firsties choose.

Love the rhymes!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! We had a great time reading all the nursery rhymes!


  2. Great ideas! This will really be great for my students here in Taiwan! Thank you so much!


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