An Exceptional, That's Fancy for Good, Fancy Nancy Unit

May 1, 2013

Where to begin, where to begin........

I, like my friend Jenny at Owl Things First, have had blogger block.  I didn't know this condition existed until I read her blog post.  You can read it here.  So, I'm glad I was able to put a name on the condition I've had since.... probably February. 

First of all.  I LOVE my job right now!  I enjoy that I only teach writing to our firsties.  I feel like they benefit so much from this.  Admittedly, writing did not get the time or attention it deserved in the past, but this year.... I get 90 minutes.  Yes... 90 MINUTES!  Now... we don't write for the entire 90, I get to do exciting read alouds which help to give our firsties much needed experience with the author's craft.  It also helps us to shape our own writing pieces.

Now onto the Fancy........

My exquisite friend Em posted about our Fancy Nancy Tea Party.  :)  This was a culmination of our last four weeks of study.  We started out inspired by What the Teacher Wants post on shades of meaning using Fancy Nancy!  Em and I started chatting and the ideas came a flowin'.  So we came up with all kinds of fancy.  :)  We read SEVERAL Fancy Nancy books (like.... 15, most mine and Em's, but one firstie offered hers to us as well! *adorable*her mom thanked me for breathing life into these books because her daughter is a TOMBOY.  Yes, I used capital letters because she is. So funny that throughout this unit we started to see a little girly come out in her.  I digress.....) and then started working on how to make ourselves fancy/handsome.

First, we took pictures of our kiddos when they were plain.  Next, we made outfits and chose four accessories to jazz us up!  :)!

We made charts.

After that,  we wrote our How-To Make Myself Fancy/Handsome using those strong adjectives we learned about to describe our accessories.

We practiced reading to each other.

We practiced eating with our pinkies up and saying, "Darling!" after reading Fancy Nancy and The Delectable Cupcakes

And then..... the BIG DAY!  We got all the "fancy" items ready for our "Ooh La La Beauty Spa".  (Based on Nancy's Ooh La La! It's a Beauty Day!)

  Every little girl was dressed up so posh.  That's a fancy word for fancy.  Most of the boys were so handsome, some with slick backed hair.  *LOVE*    Parents were so proud and boy were there SO MANY!  We had NO idea... thank goodness my mom made 150 cookies... well 149 (the "cookie monster" a.k.a. my dad, ate one).  They were delicious, that's fancy for yummy.  I can only speak to the white chocolate chip because I detest, that's fancy for do not like, chocolate. 

We will tweak a few things for next year like moving this unit to before Christmas, covering the fancy picture with the plain picture for a big reveal, and allotting more time at our tea party.  All in all...... we loved EVERY moment!That's fancy for second.  :)


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  2. You teach ONLY writing?!? How awesome... I would love that. Love, love, LOVE that. I would love to know more about your school's instructional organization. That sounds incredible! Love the Fancy Nancy unit as well. :)

    1. Leslie~
      I would be more than happy to share with you how we do things! Just send me a quick email and I'll send you all the details. :)

      I do love that I only teach writing because it's my stronger suit.


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