2D and 3D Monster Shapes

May 2, 2013

And here is another following directions activity for our little Green Chimp class.  But we put a twist on it this time.  Typically, I connect this activity to a story that we are reading but this week it is all about the shapes!  2D and 3D shapes.  Natalie and I have been introducing 3D shapes to our firsties and thought this would be a good more engaging way to interact with the shapes (plus...work on listening--which is a HUGE issue for some).
First things first.  Materials.  Here is what I gave each student in a baggie:

1 Hershey Kiss (cone)
A couple stale marshmallows (cylinders)
3 pom-poms (spheres)
2 paper rectangles
1 paper circle (with a half circle drawn on it)
3 white paper circles
2 sponges (cubes)
Once the glue bottles were passed out, materials handed over, and everyone was quiet, it was time for some listening.  (Just click on image to download a copy).
Cinnamon Cake font by Brittany Murphy and border by Krista Wallden

 We have some super cute 2D/3D shape monsters. (And some that look very interesting).

Now...I must admit.  I saw a version of these monsters on Glitzy in 1st Grade.  Thank you so much for the idea! I can't wait to hang them up in the morning.
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  1. Hi! Love your 2-D and 3-D monsters! They are so cute! I always love to make some kind of craft with what I am teaching. Thanks for sharing!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  2. I love those monsters and how you've tied it in with good listening. I'm pinning! Thank you!

    Grade ONEderful
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