What do you think?????

May 13, 2013

Hi Blogger friends!!! 

I have a question.... for a few weeks I've been thinking about the TPT world.  I'm not sure that I/we are ready to dive into that world.  BUT, I've been thinking about beginning to make a few packets about the author studies Em and I have done this year in writing.  As our followers, I'm just wondering would you be interested??????? 

If you're interested, I'm just wondering...... what are you looking for in a packet?  Of course we'd include a book/author list, ideas that we've tested and used.  What else??!!????  Would you be interested in previewing a packet for us and giving us HONEST feedback????? 

I'm a little LOT excited about this endeavor.  Hopefully Em is on board with me since I haven't dropped this bomb on her yet.  :) 


  1. If you're nervous about making the dive just start with things that you would exclusively use in your room. I try to only make things that I can use myself but sometimes I get requests or I tweak my ideas so they'll be more general.

    I've never really done an author study--well it's been years and a different grade level. I'll review one for you but sorry that I don't have any suggestions.

    Good luck. Read about the selling accounts--there is a free one to start you off.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  2. I would be interested in previewing a packet for you.

  3. You know I am always ready to jump with you! We make a great team!


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