Tree-mendous Mom

May 9, 2013

 Testing has started!  Anyone else in the same boat?  We are doing it a little different this year.  Two of us test and two of take on the whole grade level.  So far this has worked out really well for us.  Less frustration for the teachers (happy teacher=happy kids) because we are not trying to teach and test at the same time (which makes for lots of busy work).  Instead we have tried to create really fun activities that are still hitting all those standards.

One of the whole group lessons this week: "Tree-mendous Mom."  Maria thought up the title--she is so clever :)  Our firsties brainstormed some adjectives (many fancy words) to describe their moms.  Then completed a following directions activity.
By listening to these oral directions (click on image for your copy), the students made this:

 Under the tree they will be gluing on their opinion piece about their mom.  Thanks to my amazing teammates for completing this activity while Natalie and I took on the math test!

And here was my "tree-mendous" mom moment today:

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