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Sep 11, 2013

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Each year I introduce the reading strategies that I would like my students to use when they get stuck on a word.  Typically, I do this in guided reading groups.  I have always used images to help me:

But this summer I read Smarter Charts.
This led to an idea of coming up with the reading strategies as a class.  Karen and I decided that she would read a book aloud and would use reading strategies when she got stuck on a word.  Then I asked our firsties to verbalize what she did to figure out the word.  I wrote their words down on a note card and we brainstormed an image that would help their brain remember that strategy.

Oh My!! I was not sure how this would go because it was going to occur whole group.  What if they can't verbalize what she is doing?  What if they don't describe an image that will really help them to remember the strategy?

It went so well!  I was thrilled that the idea worked.  We discussed why these strategies important (because I am not going to live with them as they need to learn to read without my help!)

I also have a smaller version with magnets on the back.  We use them to point out specifically what we hear each other doing when we read in our groups.

I can't wait to hear about all of your great happenings this week! 


  1. I wrote about a success on Monday and linked up. Hope that is ok!

    A Very Curious Class

  2. I love, love, love your strategy cards! They look so great and easy for the kids to reference!

  3. OK, so when did I start reading your posts??? I didn't comment on this and I feel sure I have known you longer. ;P

    I love this idea, similar to anchor charts, it seems. I would definitely have to make some at home so the finished product would turn out as needed. I also love the idea of the magnets!!! I am supposed to be working on reading while I teach social studies and science, so I was thinking I could make some charts about reading expectations.
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