A November Five for Friday

Nov 1, 2013

Hello November!  What a better way to start? 
I completed all my Aimsweb goals!! May not seem like a number one.  But it is! :)

Natalie and I were working on graphs with one of our classes this week.  At the NCTM conference I picked up a little graphing tip: students make a face with a lid.  Then use this "face" to graph. 
Let's do it!
 So I bought some googly eyes (the good ones with the eyelashes).  But that's it!  30 minutes before the lesson it dawns on us that we only have some cute lookin' eyes!  Oops!
Let's move on to number 3...

In between groups, I was searching through all my crafty materials for paint, glitter glue...something!  Out of the corner of my eye I see some materials I used for a literacy event 3 years ago.  And there are bags and bags of little foam pieces...eyes, hands, circles, squiggles, etc.  PERFECT!  It was one of those great (panicky) moments that led to an even better idea!  And here is what it led to...

I LOVE them!

Our first writing piece is starting to come to a close.  This year I have had the opportunity to do a lot of conferencing and I love it.  Maria decided to have our firsties use flair pens this year to do their writing.  It has been so helpful!  I love to see all of their thinking, mistakes, rewriting.  This week our students worked together to revise and edit. 

Up next...informational writing.  And I can't wait!

This week the ideas started flowing about some upcoming literacy/writing family events.  I don't want to share all these great thinkings....yet! But it got me excited and I can't wait for some more brainstorming sessions :)

Have a happy November weeekend!

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