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Nov 3, 2013

I'm linking up today with Susan from T.G.I.F for her What's Your Schedule? Linky party.  :)

Here's a little background about my schedule.  First, we are a departmentalized school.  From 1-6 our kiddos switch classes.  We are also leveled, so I currently teach four classes of writing everyday. Which I LUH, LUH, LUH, LOVE!!!!! Even within our classrooms, there are several different levels. I start with our Blue guys which is our highest class.  I love, love, love this class.  I'm sure there are some of you out there who have a whole classroom full of these guys.  They are the ones who listen and are trying to experiment with the ideas that you've introduced to them.  My 2nd class is our middle of the road guys.  They are hard workers, but a little LOT.... chatty.  The third class I see is our lowest kiddos.  For me it's like teaching a kindergarten class.  This class challenges me EVERY minute day.  At the end of the day I see our middle-low guys, except they are really *almost* our middle guys.  We're pushing them hard to get them there.  :) 
With all that being said, here's my schedule. 

During our lunch time, two days a week (Monday and Thursday) we have vertical team meetings from 12:45-1:05.  I LOVE this time because we get to hear what's going on in other grade levels and how we can help each other out.  We do have some very great conversations with each other. So if you're able to get even a little bit of time to do this, do!  It's a great piece of a wonderful puzzle we are all trying to put together. 
Within my writing class I also have a schedule.  We do:
Daily Fix-It
Interactive Read Aloud (we usually do author studies)
Writer's Workshop
I'm hoping to put a post together about our Writer's Workshop and I can't wait to hear about what you do with your authors.  :)


  1. Hello! This has been such a fun linky to be a part of! I've loved reading about everyone's schedules! I think it would be really interesting to be departmentalized, but we only do that in the older primary grades. Maybe someday I'll move out of first grade and give it a try- who knows!

    Thanks for sharing your schedule!
    Katie :)
    KTP: Keep Teaching and Planning!

  2. Writing all day long?! I would be in love! I find it so interesting that schools have departmentalizing in the primary grades - I think I would love to specialize in one area!

    Thank you for linking up :)


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