Wednesday WOW--story problems

Dec 3, 2013

My 5 year old just said, "What is tomorrow?  Hump Day?"  Yep!  But it is also time for Wednesday WOW!  Hope you can link up with something professional or personal that has happened to you this week.

I started to realize it about two weeks ago, but...WOW! I missed story problems.  In several posts I have written about our themed story problems we are trying out this year from Posing and Solving Story Problems with Story Boxes. We downloaded it from the "Math Learning Center" website for FREE!  In November, we did not have a theme.  And, oh my, I missed it! 

Today, we started the new December theme: presents.  Natalie and I introduced the story problems whole group.  And the kids were so excited...nope...ecstatic!  They got to wear elf hats and solved addition, subtraction, doubling, tens/ones, and multiplication problems.  It really went well.

 Tomorrow we will start working on the problems during our guided math groups.  We made up manipulatives for our firsties to use!
presents (painted wooden cubes)

parcels (wrapped wooden blocks)
I hope your week is going well and you can link up!


  1. How cute! That all sounds like a lot of fun for your students! I can imagine how excited the students must have been to do these activities with all the extra present fun!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Isn't it fun that such simple little things can make learning so much more engaging for firsties? My kiddos love it when they get to use the hilighter I gave them. ;P


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