Twas the night before school...... FREEBIE!

Aug 19, 2014

Tomorrow is the day.  Tomorrow is the day our cute little firsties will walk through the door and we will start to mold and shape their minds.  We will watch as their eyes grow wide with wonder.  We will watch as those same eyes will squint, sometimes with question, sometimes with defeat, and sometimes because we need to refer them to the nurse for a quick eye check.  :)  We will watch them fail sometimes, it's ok. Because when we fail, we learn.  We will build them up and provide them with the support they need to feel like Rocky.  WE are their everything for 9 months (or over 1,000 hours of instruction because that's how we're counting it now people).  :)  And quite honestly..... for about 9 months they are mine.

Here's to a new year where WE will make a difference.

If you'd like a copy of first day bracelets for your kiddos, click on the picture and it'll take you to a FREEBIE!!!  Or you can click HERE.  The ones above are what I will use tomorrow for our First Day of First Grade.  If you'd like that copy, leave me your email and I will send them your way! :)


  1. The bracelets are really great! Good luck tomorrow!!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  2. Good luck tomorrow with all your new firsties!! :)

    Mind Sparks

  3. Hope your first day was great! Your bracelets are awesome :).


    1. Hi Amanda!
      Our first day was pretty AMAZING!
      Thanks so much for the well wishes.

  4. What great big messages to walk away with on the first day of school. They probably thought they were the luckiest first graders on the planet.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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