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Jan 6, 2018

For the past few years,  I have not had a new year's resolution.  Instead, I have focused on a word--One Little Word (OLW), a power word, a goal word.  And what I have found is that this one small change of moving from a resolution to a word has given me more focus.  It has motivated me to make small changes to my world.

In 2015 and 2016 I chose the word "time."  My life was not in balance and I wanted to allocate my time to things that were important to me: family, experiences, reading. 

In 2017 I chose the word "kind."  What I found is that I read many books to open me up to be more understanding.  This led to conversations and changes.

In 2018 I am choosing the word "create."  As I have mulled this word over for the past few weeks, it fits what I believe my life needs right now.  My creative side has been a bit lost.  Time on the couch with books, time for exploring new places, time to learn some "new ropes" within my job have all been important along my journey in 2017.  But it is now time to be inspired.

So in 2018 I hope to create:
memories worth remembering with my little family
room for friendships to flourish
fun and pretty sewing and craft projects
space for students to grow as readers
time for me to continue to grow as a reader and as a writer

I think there is more to this list.  But it has not been discovered...yet. 


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  1. Wonderful! I do hope you share some photos of what you create. I like this word, and how you have made it more than creating touchable things. Happy creating 2018!!!


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