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Jan 5, 2018

After completing some staff book studies through the summer, we decided we wanted to keep the connection going.

The book conversations and the time together have really been a shining light in our year. It has made me feel more connected to my teammates, new friendships have been formed between school buildings, and it has stretched my reading comfort level.

Here's how it started:

After attending the diverse book panel discussion at Nerd Camp:

My teammate, Sarah, came up with some book titles for the year.  The goal was to read books written by a diverse group of authors.  Our hope was to open us up to a variety of characters that would, in turn, lead us to have deep conversations and push us, as educators, to be more aware of the students and their possible perspectives.

These were the books that Sarah decided on:
(This is a bookmark that we made for all of the book club attendees)

We have met each month (and even met to see Wonder on the big screen).  One person volunteers to be the facilitator to keep us on track.  Plus they come with some book club questions in hand.  This has proven to be really helpful because it is super easy to get off track and talk about school, students, or district stuff.

Personally, I feel that the original vision for the book club, has been a reality.  Talking with others about the characters, plot, or the voice of the author, has helped me to grow as a reader.  It has opened my eyes to other perspectives.  And made me feel part of a community.

Some books that are on my list as possibly readers for next year include:

Sometimes, we don't see the path that we are headed down.  But through some small changes in my life, through some new friendships I have made this year, and by stepping outside of my comfort zone, I feel that I have a community of readers around me (online and in person).  It is a change that I needed.

Books suggestions?? We would love to hear them!


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  1. WOW, this is amazing! Deciding on what you/your group wanted, and then developing a plan to make it happen. That's a wonderful learning community. Thanks for sharing the book titles, it is time I do some reading.


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