Notes for Students

Oct 22, 2018

This summer when Em and I were presenting in Vegas, an attendee gave us an idea for celebrating students and building a relationship.  What she does is label envelopes with each child's name at the beginning of the quarter. Then, she pulls a few a week and writes a personal letter to each one of them.  After that, I believe she mailed them to the students. 

So I decided to give this a try during our first quarter. I wrote each name of our firsties on an envelope and each week I would pull out a few envelopes and write to those kiddos.  This year has been a very trying year on me emotionally, so to find the good in each student was a great exercise for me, an important one.  But as I was handing out the envelopes, I started to realize, it wasn't just for me.  I overheard students telling each other what "could be" in their letter because they had already received one and how their parents really enjoyed reading them too. (although... if it's not addressed to them, can they legally look at it?!?!?! hahaha)  This is just a note to one of our firsties.  I hope this will inspire you to maybe start addressing some envelopes.

I'm already looking forward to addressing my envelopes for the 2nd quarter.  What about you? 

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