Stepping Outside Your Box

Nov 12, 2018

Teaching is about growth.  For the students (of course) but for ourselves, as well.  Each year, I challenge myself.  This year I had decided to really work on maintaining relationships and building new ones with students.  I'll get back to you on how that is going.  Because while this was the goal I had my eyes set on, a new one came into focus.

Third Grade.

I have only taught K-2 intervention.  Not third.  But here it is.  And it is outside my comfort zone.

One positive...the third graders know me and I know them.  The content is what frightens me and "the test."  So I step back and remember that I believe in my philosophy and my ultimate goal is build up children that want and love to read.

I take a breath.

Then I decided to take another step outside my box.  Sketchnoting.  There are a couple students that could really benefit from this as a way to support comprehension while reading fiction and nonfiction books.  I am no expert on this matter because my brain is still learning how to take notes this way.  But, through Tanny McGregor, I was able to get us started.  Her new book just came out and I am excited to dig in and help these students dig deeper into the books that they read.

Once I feel a bit more confident in my sketchnoting, I will post some tips for your readers.  If you have used anything like this with your readers, please share any tips you may have!

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