A Success Much, Much Needed

Sep 23, 2012

It has been quite a challenge to determine exactly what we need and want to do with our little green chimps.  There is a lot of diverse need in this group, which has caused us to use A LOT of brain power (along with some headaches) trying to figure out what to do.  So last week I posted some Powerpoints that I made to help with the grade level phonics skill of short vowel o.  We used a mixture of these Powerpoints, whole group, small group, and some independent work.  All of this hard work amounted to 9 students earning a 90-100%, 3 earning a 80-90%, and only 3 students did not pass their phonics assessment and spelling test!  That is a huge success for us compared to previous weeks (which led to some watery eyes by the teachers).

We are going to continue on this wonderful path with some more Powerpoints.



  1. Okay now...that is weird... It put all kinds of funky stuff instead of the actual letters.... hmmm :-(


    1. Same thing happened to me...right before my lesson! AAAHH! I uploaded a new version that has a different font. I also sent it to your email.

      Sorry about that!



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