Wednesday WOW linky party

Sep 18, 2013

Last week was the full on start to our guided reading groups.  Woot Woot!  No more practicing, going over is on!  So this is the topic of my Wednesday WOW!  Hope you can link up with something great in your classroom (or personal life).

So my plans were nicely laid out, books were retrieved, and materials on hand.  And it went well!  Actually, they mastered the books that I picked out for them.  So one of my groups got an extra book on Friday.  I did not have a lot of time to search for the perfect book Friday morning, so I did my best and ended up with a book called "Carrots."
 It was a Level B book and basically went like this "I plant the seeds in my garden.  I water the seeds in my garden......I slice the carrots in my kitchen."
My reading strategy focus this week was "Look at the pictures" and "Get your mouth ready for the first sounds." (These are our little strategy cards that we made together.)

 This book ended up being a perfect fit to practice these two strategies!  It was one of those WOW moments because I couldn't believe that a book I picked up quickly worked out so well for what I needed.  I was thrilled and they actually really enjoyed this book about carrots.  Who would have known :)

Let up know what went well for you this week! Link up below.


  1. Sometimes, it seems that my spur of the moment decisions work better than the ones I plan out! lol
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