Frustration, Writing Samples, and our first GIVEAWAY!!!

Oct 24, 2012

I've been teaching writing with a little bit of SS and Science thrown in there since the start of this year.  We FEVERISHLY worked on our Small Moment pieces for weeks!  We even sorted out the ones we wanted to say more about (our keepers) and the ones we had no desire to continue working on (our duds).  After all our sorting, we jumped into finishing one piece and then editing that piece.  I have tried my hardest to see each child at least once during the week.  It is impossible done with a little craftiness.  When thinking about my class this summer, I thought..... five minutes per child and I can fit in at least 6 students in 30 minutes.  WRONG!  Most conferences are taking me forever a lot longer than anticipated.  I am writing my notes while conferencing and then recapping our visit by writing notes for my firsties.  Finally, I send them on their merry way to keep on talking with their buddies writing, of course using the not-so wonderful notes I've given in their writing binder.  Are you feeling my frustrations???????? 
Many of my blue and yellow guys turned in their first finished pieces last week.  Most firsties are listening and working on the detailed notes I've given them, but some are just "done".  Here's a conversation with one firstie.
Me-- "Are you sure you don't want to go back and work on the sentences you and I discussed in our conference?"
Firstie-- "Nope."
Me (with my shocked/sad teacher face)--  "Are you sure?  Listen to this sentence, 'I saw went home'.  Does that sound right?"
Firstie--  "Nope."
Me--  "Do you want to go back and work on it or accept the grade you would get if you turned it in?"
Firstie--  "Turn it in, I'm done."
Me--  "Oh my"
Me--  I had a chat with the parent of this firstie after school.  Today...  A complete story was turned in.

Now... this is just a snippet of our conversation.  We had already discussed what would make it sound right two other times as well as revisiting his conference notes.  What would you do at this point?????  Was I wrong?????  You know how as teachers, we reflect on everything.  So.... mini lessons on complete sentences are in our future. 

Here are a few samples of the stories I've collected so far.  :)  These are my blue guys (so my high guys).  Enjoy!  The first story is called, The Sleepover


 Thanks for sticking it out with me during this post!  :)  Here's our FIRST official giveaway!!!!!  :)
Feel free to share it with your friends.  There is no cute sign to go with it because I don't know how to do that yet. :)  I have to learn new things everyday, so..... that'll be added to my list.  :)  I hope you have fun with this one! 
This is what we are giving away.  TADA!!!!!!
Be Curious this week!!


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