The Curious Teachers

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by!  Maria and Em are the two writers of Curious Firsties.

But we would not be the teachers and bloggers that we are without our team!

An amazing team of Curious Teachers.  We are a departmentalized school.  There is a reading, writing, math, and reading workshop/phonics class this year.  We work very close together to ensure our firsties get just what they need. We love working together.

2014-15: Em, Karen, Maria, Jess

2013-2014: Natalie, Em, Maria, Lauren, Karen, Mrs. Grubbs (Fancy Nancy Day)

2012-2013: Karen, Em, Maria, Natalie (Fancy Nancy Day)

2013-2014: Karen, Em, Maria, Lauren, Natalie (I believe week)
2014-Em, Natalie, Maria, Karen (Natalie's wedding)
2014-Em, Maria, Karen, Lauren (Natalie's wedding)

We look forward to sharing more of our Curious moments with you!


  1. What a great team of teachers! Looking forward to a great year full of curious teachers and curious students!

  2. What an awesome idea! I'm your newst follower!

    Teaching with Moxie

    1. Thanks Diane! We hope you can find some useful things on our blog! :)

  3. Love this setup! Sometimes I wish I could focus on just one subject with my firties. I love reading your writing posts! I am working to incorporate Writer's Workshop too.

    Ms. Cranfill's Class

  4. It was great to meet you today at Reading Recovery! I would love to hear more about departmentalizing in first grade. We will definitely have to chat next year when we use the new writing program.

    1. Holly-
      We learned a lot today! And we were so excited to meet some new teachers to learn from!! We looking forward to chatting soon.


  5. Wow, that's interesting that you are departmentalized in first grade. It sounds like you all are going to collaborate well. I love that you are sharing your blog.

    I am your newest follower and look forward to reading your posts.

    Compassionate Teacher

  6. Sounds like great collaboration going on! Good luck!

  7. Maria, what wonderful photos! Can see the love in your team!


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