A Tough Monday

Dec 17, 2012

Today was hard.  H.A.R.D.  Hard. Hard to let my babies go to school, even though I know they are safe.  Hard to not be nervous about what the day may bring.  Hard to talk about the events from Friday as more details unfold with our colleagues.  Just hard.  NOTHING compared to what others are going through.
It is so hard to even feel like posting anything today and I'm sure you feel the same way.  I started out my night watching The Voice and their opening brought me to tears.  Many. many. tears. 

I just wanted to share quickly a few great things that have been happening.  First, Em started last Tuesday with these GREAT wreaths for Karen and Natalie as their Christmas gifts.  :)  You'll never believe how thoughtful she is.... she's giving us a BLOG DESIGN!!!!  :)  Am I ok with this free one.... yes, but my eyes go wide with the polka dot blogs out there, so some day in the future we will have a new blog design!  :)  We all LOVED our gifts from that sweet Em. 
Karen and Natalie also surprised with GREAT gifts that were so.very.thoughtful.  I'm the slacker and my girls will get their gifts when I'm not cleaning up throw up, changing a diaper, or sending someone to time out for biting/hitting/saying"NO"/being "mean" teaching my three favorite ladies how to treat each other appropriately because we are a family and families love each other. 

This week is our Pete the Cat week in honor of this great book.    We have some super fun activities planned for this week. 

                                          CLICK HERE for your copy!
The background paper is from Tessa over at Tales from Outside the Classroom.  The fonts are from daFont.  :)  Finally I'll leave you with a pic from our Monday.  We'll be back with more fun Pete stuff later this week! 
Curious Firstie Teachers
Hug your family.  Hug your little ones tight.  Hug your colleagues.  Hug your friends. 
Sending HUGE hugs to Sandy Hook and the city of Newtown. 

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  1. I had a hard time letting my son go to school today. There were rumors of all kinds of awful things that would happen at his school. I had to let him go...I can't live a life of fear. I've been doing a lot of hugging all week! Hugs to you!


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