It's been too long friends!

Oct 6, 2013

Can I get a TGFE!  YES, a Thank God for Em! If it weren't for her there would be nothing but crickets on this little old blog.  So tonight, I finally made something.  I KNOW!  It's been a LOOOONNNNGGGG time! 

Click HERE to grab this FREEBIE!  :)
There is also one for a NOUN as well.  :)  I used the Smiley Monster font... have no idea where I got that guy.  I used the apple and background from Ashley Hughes.  

I will leave you with a pic of my Curious Friends!  I LOVE these ladies!  They make coming to work so.much.better!  Do you have friends like that at work?  I can't live without these gals!
I'd show you the back of our shirts, but then you'd see our best side and that would make everyone  (me included!) hehe  So... I'll give you the run down....
On the back of Em's (she's first on the left) Shirt it says:  Curiosity is Super!
Lauren's (our newest Curious Team Member, 2nd on the left) shirt says: Firsties are Super!
Me (in the middle)  My shirt says:  Writing is Super!
Karen (2nd from the right) Her shirt says: Reading is Super!
And Natalie's (1st on the right) shirt says: Math is Super!

Karen got us a sweet deal on these shirts.  She got them at Kohl's for like 6 bucks.  Then, she played the teacher card and the guy who put the writing on the back did it for 5 bucks!!!!  I KNOW!  We LOVE our shirts and so do our kiddos! :) 

Have a SUPER Monday!


  1. Your pictures aren't showing up for me. The shirts sound adorable! I wish I had someone that would help me keep my blog going. l'd love to have someone to help me keep my blog going! ;P
    I'm not your grandpa, I'm your teacher

  2. Ahhhh love them! Those shirts rock! Bet all your kiddos flipped when they saw them. What fun. We are quite jealous of your fabulous team. We basically have each other...sigh.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  3. Love your freebie!! It looks great and so colorful :) So excited to see your post this morning. Great way to start my Monday.


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