Wednesday WOW!

Nov 13, 2013

How is it Wednesday again....already!!?!  As I get older, time just keeps going faster!
It is already time for a Wednsday WOW!  I hope you can link up with something professional or personal that has gone well for you this week.

 My WOWs are on the personal side this week.
 My Ruby is going to be five in one week.  FIVE years old!  I just can't believe it.  She wants a rainbow party.  So I decided that we would melt down some crayons and make "new" rainbow crayons for her guests.  This is nothing new.  I have found tutorial on many different blogs.  But I was really excited about how they turned out!
As my girls and I made them together, I thought what a great way to teach solid and liquids.  When I poked around, I saw that some bloggers have done this already.  I love the idea that the kids can see the solid turn to liquid turn to solid and then have a product to take home! really got me thinking.

One more quick WOW!
Last week Leslie from Tally Tales (love love love reading her blog) posted pictures last week on the Wednesday WOW of some beautiful fall trees.  I wanted to join in this week.
My Ben posted these two pictures on his Facebook page this morning.  This was his view this morning when he walked out the door for work this morning.  wow.

 Link up with something great from your week!


  1. I think I love the snow...Ask me in February!! Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Happy birthday, Ruby!
    I just linked up. Thanks for hosting a great linky!

  3. I hope Ruby has a wonderful 5th birthday! I totally love the idea of solid to liquid to solid with the crayons. Today on my way home, I passed a tree that looked like it was raining leaves, it was a beautiful sight!
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