Wednesday-Writing WOW!

Nov 6, 2013

Wednesday already?!  or It's ONLY Wednesday?!
For is probably--Wednesday already!?  We had an inservice day today, so the week has gone quickly.

Hope you can link up and share something WOW about your week.


I've got one personal and one professional for you this week.  Hmmm...what to start with?
Let's go with personal:

My Ruby is turning 5 this month!!  How does that happen?  Oh time, you go by so quickly.  Anyways...for her birthday we decided on a bunk bed.  (She was getting a little long for that toddler bed.)  I knew that they would be excited about it but O.H....M.Y.!!  Since we have put it up, those girls have played in their beds for every waking minute (when they are not at school/daycare).

Moving on :)

Today was a professional day and I did some curriculum work with my writing team (which is Maria ♥).  We had so many great writing conversations today and it just had to be my WOW for the day!  I left the day with my binder looking like this: binder looks like this everyday.  But today it was filled with lots of our great writing ideas, which made me feel good.  Example: the clothing list is for our "how to" dress fancy.  I can't wait!  We also hashed out some of our writing celebrations (but I can dive into those... just yet).  Then came this:

 Our next writing unit is informational writing.  We are using Laura Ingalls Wilder for this and then some nonfiction texts that hit the question/answer types above.  My job tomorrow...find these books! :)

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  1. Isn't funny how something like a new bed can make a bedroom so much more appealing? I got Delaney a loft bed a couple of years ago and she just loved it. The nice thing is since the bottom is open, I have changed it up a couple of times and got her excited again! ;)
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