Story Problem Wrap Up

Jan 4, 2014

December story problems.  We are using "Posing and Solving Story Problems with Story Boxes" and it teaches problems with themes.  December was (of course) gift giving.  And our firsties ATE IT UP!  They loved them and would shout out "YES!" when we said it was time to get started.

I love how challenging the problems are and that our struggling mathematicians rise to the occasion every SINGLE time.The categories of problems this month were:
How many altogether
 adding three or more numbers
how many are left, missing addend
working with tens and ones
twice as many
and half as many.

Working with tens and ones was a new category for the problems this month.  These parcels represented tens.  The packages represented ones.

All of these problems built upon each other and I think they really enjoyed using the two types of manipulatives.

Once we do the problems together, students have the opportunity to create their own.  We really wanted to do this portion of the unit because it helps us to analyze whether or not they are able to put it together.  Now...I work with our students that struggle more in reading and math.  And I was absolutely thrilled with the problems that they wrote.

Some of these were two step problems!!  WOW!
I think the next theme has to do with shopping and store.  I can't wait....I never thought I would say that about story problems :)

One a totally different note. Adventures in Literacy Land will officially launch on Monday.  There will be a freebie pack every day!  And 4 winners of 25 dollar giftcards to TPT.

I thought it might be interesting to show where all the bloggers were I created this map!  So many minds coming together.  I can't wait to learn from all these ladies!
Hope you can stop by next week and get some good resources for your students!!
Happy weekend!

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  1. I am really excited about joining Adventures of Literacy Wonderland! It is very cool that you guys are from many different parts of the country!


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