Wednesday WOW-story problems

Feb 25, 2014

It is time for another Wednesday WOW moment.  I hope you have had a good moment this week (personal or professional) that you would like to share!

Story problems have been a lot of fun in our classroom this year.  February brought on a new theme: Bear Store.  Of course our firsties started cheering when they found it was time for story problems again.  WHAT?!? Cheering? Yep.

After a week of working out problems with our story problem bears, we gave a quick little assessment.  I was not too excited about the outcome (to put it lightly).  I was feeling rather defeated.

But today we went over the assessment and then started some new story problems.  I asked students to use white boards, instead of the bears today.  I wanted to observe their different methods of solving the problems.  It turned into my WOW moment for the week!

The above problem, which compares two numbers, has been challenging for my struggling mathematicians.  But as I read the story, they shouted out the answer!! YES!

After reading this problem, my struggling firsties worked out the answer on their boards.

This may seem like a small WOW moment.  But these students have come a very, very long way.  I left my group feeling very excited.

I found another linky with the same name!! Head over and link up with Coast to Coast Kinder. What was your WOW moment this week?


  1. Hi Em,

    Thank you so much for sharing photos and ideas from your classroom. I am a first grade teacher in California and my students are struggling with the same concept. I was wondering if you made the blacklines you used for the story problems, or if they came from a math program. We have not adopted a common core math program yet so my team mate and I are always trying to find things that will work. Your posts is such an inspiration and I'd love to hear from you as to where you get your resources for math. Thanks,


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